The Standard 10 x 10 Kitchen

What is a 10 x 10 Kitchen:

No two kitchens are alike, so it is very difficult to determine what is a 10 x 10 kitchen. So we have used this layout to allow you to estimate what each cabinet style would cost if you chose that particular door style in this layout. 

What is included in the Standard 10 x 10 Kitchen:

We show above what we are using for a 10 x 10 kitchen. This includes 2 – B12, sb-36, LS36, B18, W3612, W1830, W3012, WDC2430, W2430, and W3630. This doesn’t include any moldings or fillers.

Will my kitchen be the price of the 10 x 10 kitchen:

If you need these exact cabinets it will, but we find that people like to customize their kitchen to what their needs are. Feel free to send us an email at with your measurements and what cabinet style you are interested in and we will design a kitchen that meets your needs. don’t forget to tell us what your needs are. Click on here to go to our measure page.



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